Inspire Dilator Kit


Why we carry this: we worked with a physiotherapist who treats vaginismus to pick this dilator set. We like the loops at the bottom for added comfort holding the dilator in place and how the loops can be used to pair a small bullet vibrator with the set.

Inspire features five silicone dilators varying in sizes from 11.5cm to 19.75cm in length to help you ease into comfort experiencing penetration. The dilators are 100% silicone and have a gentle curve shape making insertion more comfortable. Each dilator is quite flexible allowing it to shift and form to your body.

Inspire dilators can be paired with the Gaia bullet vibrator to turn the dilators into small vibrators. Adding vibration can be to experience more pleasure with the dilators, however, vibration also helps calm and relax the pelvic floor muscles, helping them to stretch further. 


Dilator 1 - 11.5cm x 1.25cm

Dilator 2 - 12.75cm x 2.0cm

Dilator 3 - 14.0cm x 2.0cm

Dilator 4 - 15.25cm x 2.25cm

Dilator 5 - 19.75cm x 3.25cm


  • Made with body-safe silicone 
  • Made by Cal Exotics
  • Has a 1-year Warranty
  • 100% Waterproof - can be fully submerged in a bath
  • Easily clean with warm, soapy water (unscented soap)
  • Here's a youtube video with more information 
  • Pair with Gaia Vibrator to explore vibrating sensations
  • And pairs well with water-based lube