​How does my purchase show up on my credit card statement?

Your order will show up as "SP * swoon Toronto ON." Nothing sex-related. We promise. 


Can I use more than one promo code?

Only one promo code can be used at a time. This is a limitation with our website provider. Get in touch at hello@swoonproducts.com if you have any questions. 


I’m ordering a gift, how can I give you further instructions?

After you add the product to your cart, a text box will appear where you can tell us more information about your order. For example, “This is for my friend’s 50th birthday, can you write ‘Happy Birthday’ on the note?” or “Please make sure the shipping is discreet, I live with my parents!” To which we will happily make it happen for you. 



​How does this show up on my doorstep?

In a nondescript, 100% compostable mailer. Super plain. Incredibly boring. We figured it would suck to have a box sitting on your doorstep that read "TONS OF VIBRATORS AND DILDOS INSIDE," so we use mailers that read, "I'm a 100% compostable mailer" instead. The mailer will decompose in 180 days in both home and commercial compost facilities.  

discreet vibrator packaging | by swoon


Does the shipping label have any sex-related information on it?

Nope! The return address will say your order is from the "really nice stuff shop.” It could be anything for all your roommates, parents, or nosy neighbours know. 


Is your packaging sustainable?

Yes! We pack each order ourselves with compostable tissue, twine, and add a handwritten note on plantable paper*. We then tuck each order into a 100% compostable mailer and ship it to you. 

*What is plantable paper? We write our thank you notes on paper that contains wildflower seeds. This means you can plant the card in your backyard or local conservation area and it will turn into wildflowers! 


How long does my order take to ship?

Most orders ship in one business day. In the rare case we don’t have your product on hand, we will usually be able to have the order ship in maximum three to four business days. Get in touch at hello@swoonproducts.com if you want to double check we have the product you wish to order in inventory. 


How do I deal with a faulty product?

We’re sorry to hear this happened to you! In the rare case this happens, contact us at hello@swoonproducts.com. We'll work with you to see if the product is still protected under warranty. Most pleasure products have warranty periods ranging from one to five years.               





How do you source your products?

We take our product sourcing very seriously. We work with several wholesalers and independent artisans based in Canada who have relationships with a wide range of manufacturers. We select our products based on our customers' insight, hours spent reading reviews from all corners of the Interweb, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and some good ole experimentation.


Why do you offer such a limited selection of products?

Purchasing pleasure products can be overwhelming. We offer a limited selection to help make your decision easier. Knowing that all the products we offer are of the highest quality, chosen over thousands of alternatives, and are 100% body-safe allows you to be confident in your purchase. 


This is my first time buying a sex toy. How do I know what I will like?

We were overwhelmed purchasing sex toys too. That’s why we created our personal shopping experience (how-to choose) where you can get in touch with us (Kerry and Ellen) and we’ll work with you to understand what type of product you’re looking for, how you intend to use it, and can recommend products to you based off varying factors. Everything is 100% confidential. 

If you’d rather do the research yourself, we’ve detailed how we think through choosing sex toys based on different factors in our blog, Beginner’s Guide to Vibrator Shapes.



How do I clean my new sex toy?

Great question! You can use warm water and a touch of unscented soap. It can be any soap, but for worry-free cleaning, we sell Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Soap

Most products we sell are 100% waterproof, but for products like the Magic Wand that are splashproof (we note each product as waterproof or splashproof in our product descriptions), you can wet a cloth with warm, soapy water, wring the cloth out and wipe the product with the cloth. 


How often should I clean my new sex toy?

We recommend cleaning your sex toy before it’s first use to wash away any debris from packaging. We also recommend cleaning your sex toy after each use. If this is unrealistic, add a reminder to your calendar (“Water plants ;)” works well) to wash them at least once a week. 


Where should I store my sex toy?

Some vibrators come with a silk bag to store the product in between uses. If your product does not come with a protective case, we highly recommend finding a cheap makeup bag to keep your product stored away from dust. This helps the product last longer and stay clean. 

If you’re wondering where to store your sex toy in your bedroom... We asked our customers where they store there products to give you some ideas: 

  • Sock drawer
  • Night stand
  • Under the bed
  • In medical supplies bag in the bathroom 
  • In my bed, tucked in safely beside me


How do I dispose of a sex toy I no longer use?

We’ve been thinking a lot about this problem. Unfortunately, sex toys are hard to dispose of once you no longer use them and many end up in the trash. Stay tuned while we explore our solution to this problem, and if you’re curious, here are our initial musings on the issue -

Are Vibrators Bad for The Environment? 


How can we work together?

We're always open to guest blog opportunities and other co-marketing initiatives. Introduce yourself to us at hello@swoonproducts.com, we love to chat!