Our problem started with a good ol' fashion sex shop.

You know the ones. Stocked full of thousands of products you have no idea how to use and filled with customers ranging from serious-buyers to bachelorette parties looking for as many cheap dildos $100 can buy them.

Where did this leave us? Overwhelmed, confused, and on the sidelines looking in.

So we decided to do something about it - so that others, like us, had a space to learn about pleasure and the products available to them to enhance it.

swoon is your website to shop sex toys with descriptions that expand past "5-speeds, made of silicone" to include how-to-use details and insight on why a feature may be useful for you. swoon is your place to read and learn more about pleasure and other topics our sex education happily skipped over. From Q&As with experts, advice on sex toys, to powerful personal stories that we can all relate to.

We've set out to create a culture where pleasure is discussed freely and prioritizing pleasure is a means of wellness and self-discovery. The same way we journal, watch thought-provoking documentaries, meditate or workout.

So join us and redefine your relationship with pleasure.

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