Swoon exists to make talking about and experiencing pleasure simple, approachable, and empowering.
swoon began as a candid conversation amongst friends about the taboo nature and feeling of shame that exists when talking about and experiencing pleasure. swoon challenges the perception that sex shops are only for some people (or experts). We meet you where you are and aim to make it simple and approachable to get started. We intentionally select each of the products we offer from thousands of alternatives. We valued three features over all others: quality, simplicity, and purpose. Join us as we build the future of sexual wellness. A space created for all.  
The Founders
swoon was founded in 2019 by two twenty-something roommates living in downtown Toronto. We bonded over our shared curiosity and passion of what building a better sex company could look like.. We also sat our families down and told our dads we were going to start a vibrator company, so there is no way we can turn back now.