holiday gift guide

This gift guide will not have something for everyone on your list. You won’t find the ‘perfect gift’ for your: Uncle, Cousin, Niece, Boss, Child’s Teacher, or your Work Secret Santa in here. But, what you might find is the perfect gift for your partner, best friend, or even, of course - yourself. It was an unpredictable and chaotic year, and we all deserve something a little extra special this holiday season. 

Hear us out when we say vibrators and other pleasure products can make wonderful gifts. They have a wide price range to fit any budget, they’re extremely useful, and they show the receiver you care about them in a way that a $50 Cineplex Gift Card never could. 

Joking aside (seriously, don’t give a vibrator as a gag-gift) 80% of millennials are comfortable receiving a vibrator as a gift from their partner, while 61% are comfortable receiving a vibrator as a gift from a close friend. If you’re still unsure, we breakdown the do’s/don’ts of gifting a friend a vibrator here

We’ve created 5 swoon sets to give to your closest pals and/or partner this holiday season, where you can save up to 20% off.


sona and dr. bronners

For the friend/partner who is living alone: Sona + Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Soap - $85

Does your pal/lover live alone? Enter the suction vibrator. Suction vibrators were one of our greatest discoveries of 2020. Approachable, palm-sized and focused on direct clitoral stimulation. However, they can be a bit loud, making it the perfect gift for a pal who lives alone (or with pleasure-positive roommates)! Given that more than one of our customers have discovered squirting with the help of suction vibes this year, in this bundle you can get the Sona and Dr.Bronner’s Unscented Soap for $85. You save 20%.


pebble vibrator and lube

For the friend/partner to use with you/ their partner: Pebble + Sliquid Water Based Lube - $108

Does your friend have a new partner? Or are you looking to add something to your partnered sex? The pebble is one of our favourite toys for partnered play as it can fit into the cup of your or your partner’s hand - perfect for all the positions. Add some water-based lube (safe to be used with silicone toys and latex condoms) and you’ve got yourself a fun lil’ bundle for $108. You save 20%.



tenga sleeve

For the friend/partner who has a penis: Sleeve + Sliquid Water Based Lube - $64

Does your friend or partner have a penis? The Tenga Spiral is the creme de la creme for penis pleasure. Body-safe, reusable, and something that feels different than anything that’s come before it (get it? sorry, we had to add one pun). We all deserve pleasure and this bundle includes the Tenga 3D Spiral and water-based lube for $64. You save 20%.



For the friend/partner (!?) who deserves ALL the pleasure: Yumi + OMGYES Lifetime Access - $150

Do you have a friend or partner who hasn’t explored their body much but is showing interest or curiosity in getting to know themselves a bit better? Nothing says I love you quite like a Yumi and OMGYES Lifetime Subscription. Yumi is one of our most approachable vibrators for external exploration and OMGYES uses videos and practical pleasure techniques to teach people about vulva pleasure! Both can be yours for $150. You save $10.



For the friend/partner who has never owned a vibrator - Gift Card + Personal Shopping - you decide, starting at $40

Do you have a friend or partner who has never owned a vibrator but who’s ears perked up recently when they heard you talk about how much you love yours? Give them the gift of personal shopping with the swoon gals and allow them to pick out the product that’s perfect for them. 

We’ll add $10 to any gift card purchased! 


The season of giving only comes around once a year and we think it’s safe to say we could all use a little extra love this holiday season. Trust us when we say the diffusers and custom Christmas Tree ornaments gifts can be saved for 2021. What the world needs right is a little something to swoon over and swoon with.


*gift guide now closed* 

December 01, 2020 — swoon humans